eye contact

This chapter discusses eye contact as it pertains to love/relationship intimacy. A noted professional (relationship counselor) mentioned a belief that the cycle of interpersonal intimacy is a perpetual “coming together and drawing apart”. By her observation, relationships that lack intimacy lack eye contact, and vice verse..that we are often found seeking, when our partner “seeks not”. She also highlights the disparity between the amount of still, potent eye contact we receive as infants (too young to speak) and what we experience as adults in the “grownup” world..

Immediately I thought of my new nephew who I helped babysit a few days ago. Her point is well made. Often all there is have to do with him is to connect with the eyes, almost as if I cant draw myself away, whereas among peers – it would seem as if there is too much to lose.. or maybe even gain(?) It’s an odd little reality I (up until now) had no reason to acknowledge.

The chapter ends with a story about a blind man who received sight after 30 some odd years. He recounted looking into someones eyes shortly after and losing the ability to speak – later wondering how people with sight even make it throughout their day..

Go figure.




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