In all other forms of literature ‘love’ is simply a minor note. According to the author (Elizabeth Lowell) there is a driving faith in love that is particular to the reader of the romance novel. Just about everything else (emotional tension, action, strong males, ect) exists in other genres, but this resilient brand of what we commonly call “love” does not, and the conflict between what we know and what we long for – keeps us glued to our relative grounds..

Much like the revelation of the previous chapter (we escape our realities in a feverish search of what can only exist beyond them), the point is made here that there is always an explicit.. guaranteed promise that love WILL conquer in the end – and our hero and heroine will definitely be together. Romances are built upon our assurance that “real” love is destined to come undone. How many real life examples do we need? We who fantasize hold out on faith that in spite of this, the journey will still deliver a rich taste of promise – almost as rich as the fruit itself were we to ever reach it (..and, of course, in such novels, we’re promised we will..). But this promise must bear the flavor of a very familiar reality – that things will always fall apart (and this time should be no different – should but wont)..

Essentially without doubts, our faith counts for nothing. #whoknew?

– sah


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