The Seven Days – Chapter 4 (TSD:C4)



So in this chapter Xavier reflects on his time spent in the military, training in martial arts with a “star-crossed” sensei, discovering the root of his anger (and that he has an estranged brother), operations as a hitman for the CIA, and discusses race with his young children.

It’s interesting how the conflict of race perspective comes crashing into the final pages of the chapter. In a quick succession of scenes, X’s kids go from aping a rap video to questioning why they’re only permitted to watch TV shows with “vanilla people”. The children get little in the way of an answer but the topic is explored more bluntly in post coital conversation between X and his wife Theresa.

As I was reading this (and especially towards the end) I thought about Christopher Dorner‘s wrestle with second class citizenship, and the change in perspective that comes with child rearing. Xavier is glad to have distanced himself from the ghetto, but his wife understandably cautions a future where his children will only equate “white” with “good”. Given the circumstance of their introduction (Xiavier and Theresa- a CIA operative and a robin-hood figure -respectively), its a pretty decent setup to examine the splintered outlook of upwardly mobile blacks.

I immediately thought of Lil Wayne in the video scene interestingly enough. I anticipate some future reckoning with his estranged father’s illegal past, as well as Xavier’s “legal” sanction in murder and deception.

I think it’s also interesting Xavier chose not to become a cop..

– sah


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