Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women – Chapter 10 (DMAW:C10)



Seductive elegance. what is the lure of the darkened alley? ..the author of this short essay (anne stuart) begs the question in relation to her attraction to vampires.. she spoke a few interesting quotes that struck me immediately as i read them:

“..I need something beyond comfort and safety in my fantasy world. In real life I’m sensible enough to search for just those pragmatic things. A life of delight and despair is, in reality, too exhausting. But in fantasy, I want it all..” 

& “..the threat of death at the hands of love is the most potent fantasy of all. Only if you’re prepared to risk everything can you gain everything. And only in fantasy can women have it all..”

one supposes for many, women especially(?), the magic of fantasy is precisely that tangible sense of that which we (knowingly) may never live to see. for the puritan: the remorse of a Faustian pact, perfectly balanced with the anointing that would call even Lucifer home (AND the pious pride/glory therein)..

I find that delicate balance intriguing. Perhaps romance is intrinsically nestled between the sacred and the profane. deep within the friction. Give me a demon I can unwillingly serve until beheading…but only after he bows in honor of my prudence,  a trembling mass that could crush me in an instant.

– sah


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